The Middleman

Marketing jobs are most common (and most lucrative) in large national and multinational corporations. Typically headquarters generates enormous television, radio, print, and in-store campaigns, and disseminates information concerning its ongoing activities through regional offices that oversee the marketing for hundreds or thousands of store or restaurant locations.

Let's say you're working in a regional marketing office for a large pizza chain, and home office decrees that this month will be pepperoni month. It will produce a television commercial focused on a special promotional pepperoni offer and you will work with an advertising agency to buy the television time to air that message.

You are, in essence, a liaison between home office and a media buyer-or multiple media buyers, depending on the size of your region.

The same will happen with radio spots. The creative will come from home office and you will handle the invoices from the advertising agency. Print media could be such items as newspaper ads or coupons in direct mail marketing packages. Door hangers could be part of the print package.

Your central role will be to keep legions of district managers, area managers, and restaurant managers apprised of the upcoming pepperoni focus so they can order sufficient quantities and respond knowledgeably to inquiries. Here again, you are a liaison, and the tricky part will be the in-store promotional items to be placed in each restaurant.

Home office will generate an exterior sign, something temporary to fit on the pole of the restaurant's permanent exterior signage, and it's up to you to know (or find out) what jurisdictions restrict the size and height of signage. You'll save money and save face by sending exterior signs only to the locations that can use them.

Home office will generate a sign designed to hang over the salad bar, and it's up to you to know which units have salad bars. Home office will make so-called table tents available, and you must know how many tables are in each location.

As you chase down these multiple details and respond to phone calls from agencies and restaurants, home office is also expecting you to closely track the progress of the pepperoni campaign and furnish them with detailed results at the end of the month.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014