Personal Blogs

It doesn't seem like there would be much percentage in pouring a whole lot of your valuable time and effort into the black hole of cyberspace. But like anything else with any chance of succeeding, a blog (short for web log) has to begin as a labor of love and gradually develop a bit of a following before any actual rewards are to be realized. A personal blog can be a great on-line addendum to your resume in your search for marketing jobs. If your blog includes an attractive display of words, photos and web design that showcases your interests and achievements, it could help you get a job.

Some blogging services are completely free of charge, like Google's Blogger. You simply choose your blog name and sign up. requires you to have your own web space and domain name, and offers open source software. Movable Type is another of the various so-called stand-alone platforms in the blogosphere. Blogspot is a popular option with customizable templates and layouts, as are LiveJournal, Xanga and Webs.

Clearly you would not put anything on the web that you wouldn't want a prospective employer to see. Whatever you post will likely turn up in a Google search for your name, and is therefore your opportunity to set yourself up as an expert in your chosen field-in this case, as a marketing guru.

Just as a reminder to prospective employers that you're a money-making machine, you'll want to include a revenue-sharing resource such as Google AdSense in your blog. This is an extremely perceptive program that picks up key words from what you've written in your blog and displays ads related to those words. You'll get a few pennies if someone clicks on that ad in your blog to buy something, but more to the point, you're demonstrating your extremely sophisticated marketing savvy. Just about any of the free blog sites will walk you through the process of signing up for Google ads on your blog. For other options on how to monetize your blog, go to

Your success with your own blog can be used to persuade employers to hire you to create and maintain their business blogs.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014