Marketing Job Search

Plan your job search in the same way you would plan a marketing campaign. Decide what you need to reach the end result of "hired" and what steps are required to get there. Here are some suggestions:

1. Decide what type of job you want—ad agency, marketing for a company, public relations, etc.

2. Visualize your dream marketing job and what intermediate jobs are needed to reach that goal. Then search for those intermediate jobs.

3. Write a resume, including all campaigns, ad pieces, etc. that you have worked on.

4. Gather samples of ads, brochures, commercials, or page shots of work that you created or worked on as part of a team.

5. Search the job boards and post resumes.

6. Set job alerts on the job boards, so that you are notified when new openings are posted.

7. Talk to your network of colleagues, professors, and fellow students about possible jobs and respond to those openings.

8. Decide if you want to stay in the same location or if you are willing to move.

9. Call or visit any ad agencies, marketing firms, or companies for which you would like to work. Leave a resume in case an opening comes along.

10. Investigate and hire a recruiter to help you with your job search.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014