Marketing Job Resources

You can find a plethora of job search resources by entering "marketing job" or "advertising job" in a web search engine. Here are a few to get you started.

Find A Marketing ( - This site allows you to search for jobs by title, location, part time or full time, contract, and by company.

Marketing Hire Network ( - You will find not only a large listing of jobs, but you can post your resume, read articles about marketing jobs, career trends, and salary information, and set job alerts.

Marketing Jobs.Com ( - This site offers job seekers a way to post their resume anonymously, gives them a chance to ask a job expert questions, and has a job alert system. ( - On this site, you can post a resume, search for jobs, learn from job search tutorials, and find other marketing job sites.

PR Crossing ( - This site has a huge listing of jobs in public relations, advertising, and marketing. The jobs are gathered from other job boards, newspaper listings, government sites, and recruiters.

Marketing Job Force ( - Use this site to post a resume, search jobs, read articles about marketing and trends, and other job resources.

American Advertising Federation ( - The American Advertising Federation provides member benefits, including a job board. There are chapters around the country, as well as on college campuses, and listings for internships are included on the job board.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014