Marketing Job Interview

Prepare for interviews for marketing jobs carefully. You know that a first impression is critical, so make sure you make a good one. Here are some things to think about before an interview.

1. Take several copies of your resume.

2. Take a portfolio of past work, including some samples that you can leave with the interviewer, if asked.

3. Dress in your best business clothes, just as you would for a presentation for a client.

4. Be sure you know where to go so that you can be on time.

5. Greet the receptionist or secretary and the interviewer in a friendly manner.

6. Be prepared to give examples of how you worked as part of a team or of creative ideas that you had in the past and how they impacted the companyís bottom line.

7. Have an answer for why you want to change jobs that will not reflect negatively on your present company.

8. Answer all questions in a clear voice with some detail, but not running on and on about past projects.

9. Ask questions about the company and about their current projects. Your enthusiasm is a good sign to the interviewer.

10. Donít be too informal with the interviewer. Call them by their first name only if they ask you to.

11. Ask when you can expect to hear about the position.

12. Send a thank you note immediately.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014