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Many companies today have business blogs. In your pitch for a marketing job, you can display your blogging skills by describing the ideal business blog. You can suggest that blog entries should be short, simple to write, and easy for customers to read. Business blogs can be loaded with links that take customers to product sites, and they can act as a newsletter even if there really isn't any news. For example, a short and quick entry could be simply what somebody recently had to say about a product that's been on the market for years.

One good use of a business blog is to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) emailed to the company's webmaster account. Another is to announce every other week or so special promotions, i.e., discounts and deals available only to the faithful followers of the blog. Or you can have fun with it and hold daily contests and games. Of course the most obvious blog entry would be an announcement of something new, or of something waiting in the wings or in the development stage as a future product or project.

This is your opportunity to personalize a business that would otherwise have no perceivable personality of its own. You could showcase employees, favorite customers, or suppliers. You could set your business in the context of the community, the nation or the world, commenting on how factors that affect everybody-and are likely to be familiar to readers if they follow the news-are having a particular impact on this particular business. The economy is an obvious context, and the environment is another.

Your business could sponsor a Little League team and post their scores on the business blog. It could participate in a community event such as a marathon or a chamber of commerce function, and then post its experiences where others could see and comment.

It's important to note that many journalists keep an eye on the blogosphere and extract ideas for content. Catching such a writer's eye could catapult a business into a local or regional publication, for pennies on the dollars it would otherwise take to advertise in such publications.

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Last Updated: 05/21/2014